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29 Answers

which one is the best antivirus software ?


Answered by: Nickson Easow 2061 views

1 Answers

Linux compatibility

which system ?

Answered by: thaha 720 views

2 Answers

Question on mobile web browsers.

Proxies between you and original server

Answered by: thaha 1081 views

1 Answers

installing macintosh

Possible.... You need to waste some extra time on INTERNET to do.

Answered by: thaha 842 views

2 Answers

first option os

simply edit grub file according to your interest.

Answered by: thaha 865 views

1 Answers

pc stops when voltage varies but led is glowing

use UPS and step up stabilizer if required.

Answered by: thaha 204 views

1 Answers

crazy character folder coming on flash drive

Virus, malware affected

Answered by: thaha 250 views

1 Answers

unwanted e mails

always unsubscribe from these mails, put a filter on your mail box.

Answered by: thaha 324 views

1 Answers

how i can install wordpress ?what all basic software\'s we need for that?


Answered by: thaha 292 views

1 Answers

Static IP address

Most users do not need static IP addresses. Static IP addresses normally matter more when external devices or websites need to remember your IP address. A static IP address is not required if you are ...

Answered by: thaha 267 views