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Another varient of autorun.exe virus

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somedays before my system affects with a new varient of autorun.exe i got the manual healing information from our site but its not woking well ,Igive the heling informations below which can wipe out the autorun.exe completely

Run Task Manager ,take process tab

Stop wscript.exe process by select process and hit end process

then end explorer.exe process.

Select application tab and select newtask then enter "cmd" without quotes then click ok

Type the following command one by one followed by press Enter key

del drive_letter:autorun.* /f /s /q /a

del drive_letter:IISDLL.dll.vbs /f /s /q /a

drive_letter represents the drives in your system replace it with the drive letters of your hard disk and removable drive,

eg: del c:IISDLL.dll.vbs /f /s /q /a

       del c:autorun.* /f /s /q /a


****************Best of luck************************************


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