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3 Answers

Doubt in Networking (LAN)

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Dear Friends,

I am a new member. I want to know that How can I network in an office with 4 systems and Hub. I want full details with TCP/IP configuration. And also I want to know how can share net from one system to all? Please give answer as soon as possible.

From Rajesh


3 Answers

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    hello friend

    welcome to the group.

    hope you are using xp in ur machine..do u already have the switch and cables with u ?..how much is ur skill level with xp..and one more thing..what is the type of net connection do u have..is it dial up / gprs/ broadband/cable modem.please give details so that all of here can help u


    Shyamlal - Nov 30, -0001 | Reply

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    Dear Shyam Sir,

     I completed Three year Poly Diploma In Computer Engg. But there have no chances to study Networking. I had worked in a h/w firm in kerala. so i know h/w with windows os. now i am in mumbai.  i want 2 know about networking in offices.   LAN system uses in my office. also sify broadband is the internet connection. i want to know how we make LAN connection. I have only knowledge about peer to peer connection. And also i want to study in networking. So if  u can help me do it by giving notes, instructions, any ebooks that available.

                                                                   Yours faithfully,


    Raajesh - Nov 30, -0001 | Reply

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    so u have prior knowledge with peer to peer environment ..
    so i am not moving in to cabling details..if u need it use the search option in this website and enter the word structured cabling…our active user fazilmedia have given a lot of details.

    i hope u dnt have any routers in your network..so connect the sify broadband ( i have not used their ) to the lan card of any of ur xp machine. i dont know whether they support dhcp of u have to give static ip .ask some one from sify.
    then install a second lan card to the same machine…
    go to the property of first lan card and selct the tick mark on cnnection sharing….it will automatically reconfigure the ip address of ur second lan card to
    then connect the 2nd 3rd and 4 th xp machines to the network..leave the ip configuration in automatic mode…these machines will collect ip address from ur first machine .they will also collect gateway and dns info from first machine so u can use internet as well as lan funtions..

    try it


    Shyamlal - Nov 30, -0001 | Reply

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