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3 Answers

DVD region setting problem for LG combo drive

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the region setting of my LG combo drive is now Region 1.
but our region is Region 5.
but there is no changes remaining.
Is there is any method to change this.
I think this is the reason for the problem with DVD’s when I
am trying to play or open takes long time to respond.

Can you help me???

3 Answers

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    You can change the DVD region only for a limitted number of times.
    U can change the region 5 times only.After this limit the region is remain permanent and u can’t change the region even the OS is reinstalled,or even the drive is palced in any other system.
    u can check this through the device manager >DVD/CD rom drives>selsct the drive right click > selsct the properties.Select thr DVD region tab. u can see the no of changes left.

    i dont think this setting is critical in the dvd play back.my Sony DVD RW and DVD ROM drive’s region is not selected and i can paly back all the dvd s in both drives without any problems.

    if you think this is necessary in dvd play back, try the “anydvd” software to playback DVDs in all regions.

    Most of the DVD s need some more times to read even the fresh DVDs.

    Anoop P.G. - Nov 30, -0001 | Reply

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    there is no changes remaining.
    Where can i get ‘anydvd’
    Is it free ware/share ware?

    Arun.K.Rajeevan - Nov 30, -0001 | Reply

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    AnyDVD is a filter driver and is running invisibly on your computer. You only need to insert a CSS and/or Region Code protected DVD into your DVD-Rom drive. Everything else is done by AnyDVD independently. AnyDVD removes automatically CSS and RPC transparently from your computer, while watching or copying.

    it is not a free ware
    u need 2 pay to use it after trial period ends.

    go to slisoft.com for details

    Anoop P.G. - Nov 30, -0001 | Reply

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