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  1. If it was a cluster of people who were positive, then yes I would quarantine myself for a couple of weeks, I would even pay for a test if I was sure no one was profiteering from it, but no way would I help fill the pockets of the unelected "PM" and his tinpot soldiers.
  2. I think they do, stand straight up, then stomp left foot then right foot.
  3. possum1931

    Cross-country bus driver tests positive, passengers urged to get tested

  4. A military posture? They should stop this "standing to attention" nonsense and try to learn to be politicians. Oh! Wait! they are more used to Military Academy education rather than University degrees.
  5. "He said the PM's aim is for at least 50 per cent of the population inoculated against the virus next year." Next year???? What about this year?
  6. What's with the confused emotican? Just for your benefit, I will say it again. "I would not stand to attention for anyone, and I mean anyone, no exceptions." Are you still confused??
  7. possum1931 tlbb tlbb ,冠华居网 冠华居网 ,俺也去快播 俺也去快播
    i would not stand to attention for anyone, and I mean anyone, no exceptions.
  8. possum1931

    Thailand to get 2m doses of vaccine from Feb: Anutin

    Why should you want to hope that?
  9. Because wearing masks are for the protection of other people, not for himself, it would be a very different story if wearing a mask was for his own protection.
  10. What do you expect with someone with a Military Academy "education" thinking he can run a country?
  11. So if I was on this bus, I would be expected to pay about 6000Bt for a test? I wonder how much of the huge profit will go into the unelected "PM" and his generals pockets? if any other Farangs are on this bus, are they all just automatically going to run to a hospital, probably get told they are negative and then pay that 6000bt or whatever it is. My attitude would be that if I go and get tested and then I am negative, do I still have to pay the 6000bt? If that is the case, there would be no way I would voluntary go for the test. It is all right for the Thais, they don't have to pay
  12. How many of these numbers are old people, people with existing health problems, and people with questionable lifestyles causing obesity etc. Yes I accept that younger people with no existing health problems or questionable lifestyles will experience long term symptoms, but I would think they are in a very small minority, and I honestly do feel for them.
  13. What about professional footballers who had the virus who have now recovered and are back playing? It is posts like this that are making things worse than what they really are.
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