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Facit mechanical calculator in India

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During a holiday trip to a Hill station in kerala named Munnar  , I visited the tea Museum in Munnar.  It was not a planned visit and I am not much interested with the tea museum as I am already been to many tea factories before. My fellow travellers were interested and I comply with them for the visit. Now I think it was one of the best part of the whole journey not because of the tea factory but because some of the rare exhibits I found there . Since the Munnar tea estates were initially started by the British , they bring in all the technology available at that time to the factories and there was a little collection of photographs and  products used  at the estate offices more than a century .

Since I am having a background of computing , this specific piece of equipment fascinated me most . It was a mechanical calculator back from 1950’s



facit calculator


. I asked about the operation of that piece of equipment to a person who is in charge of the room . He did not shown any interest on my question and denied my request for a closer look at the device . I think this kind of gadgets need more care and prominent place in our technology museums rather than sitting there on the corner of a tea museum and cared by no one .

Back home I searched for the specific model of mechanical calculator and found out that it is a Facit mechanical calculator which was a real technological marvel at that time before the popularity of electronic calculators .  This specific device is only capable of addition and subtraction . I am embedding the video of the operation of the mechanical calculator  to those who are interested. Please share your thoughts on this device and share this post so that it will reach more people who is not aware about the existence of such a  device .

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