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2 Answers

How that pictures bring security

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What is the need of numbers or small words to be filed up in sites for privacy.Like for signing up a mail account they asked to fill up the word in the picture.How it do that work.

2 Answers

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    if the signning up option of a site is degined with out such filters , a programmer can write a prgm which can automatically fill al those options like ur name , address etc and automatically create millions of account like that ,,thus reaching the limit of user account a server can create.
    to avoid it those images are used so that the account can only be created by a human.

    there is another trick from such prgrammers is to run a an OCR prgm on such images so that the numbers and alphabets can be automatically filled to the forums. to avoid such situation the no. and letters on the images will be distorted


    Shyamlal - Nov 30, -0001 | Reply

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    Oh I see.It’s quite confusing to me.Now it’s cleared.thank you

    Arun.K.Rajeevan - Nov 30, -0001 | Reply

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