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I am a product

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I am a blogger , writer and trainer and most probably you are reading this lines   not because I am a great writer or technologist But you reached this site and this post through a link from Facebook .  

Most of the people are talking about the bad impact of social media and invasion of social media to your personal life . If you are going  to share your intimate  moments though your FB account and then worrying about what Facebook is going to do with it , it does not make much sense .

If you need a totally  secure social media , ello is not the solution .  Paste your snaps to a good fashioned photo album , write your days  update to a diary and keep it well shut on your shelf . If you are really going to a be great person in your life , your grandparents will publish that notes and get royalty for it

I don’t need to hangout on place where none of my friends exists and offers some great level of privacy .

I don’t find it offensive that my  social network is owned by advertisers.

I am not treating advertisements are such an evil. I enjoy some television ads and online ads most  appealing than the actual program itself .  I think if I am running a social media site , I have to pay for the servers , cooling solutions , bandwidth and all that means hard cash and I will turn to advertisers for that  .

Every post you share, every friend you make, and every link you follow is tracked, recorded, and converted into data. …and personally I don’t mind it because I know my government is also tracking me  . I don’t have any thing to hide from the rest of the world on the topics which I publish on social media .  I do have personal matters which I don’t want to publish over social media and I do believe that I have control over it

 and I know that    I am  a product and    I don’t mind it .





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