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iBall 3G 6095-D20 Tablet Review

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This is some of the first impressions about the  iBall 3G 6095-D20 Tablet which sells at Amazon india for about Rs. 6,200 .  I am posting this review because when I planned to purchase this product and searched the internet for the same , I could not come across any user review of the same . Most of the reviews I found is from on-line selling sites rather than end users of this product . So I am posting it here so that future buyers will get benefit out of it .


The main reason why I opted for i-Ball product is that I need a value for money tablet under 7K price segment for my email checking and social media updates . I am not going to do any heavy duty work on it rather than a quick email on the road . So I avoided high end brands and top notch products.

After a search through the products available on Amazon.in , I settled on  iBall 3G 6095-D20 . (I don’t find myself comfortable using any other on line shopping sites except amazon , but it is a personal choice rather than an advice to buy only from amazon ) . It is released back in october 2014 and has the Android KitKat as operating system.







it has an  17.65cm (6.95”)  HD Display (1024*600) not the best amoung tablet displays but fine considering its low price tag.  It is a calling tablet which has two SIM slots and support 3G.


iBall 3G 6095-D20 -image 4



The back of the product has a leather like texture and looks are great from both front and back . The white front surface did not look great with the reflective finish , they could have easily done a matte finish to get a much more premium look for this product.

This is the full specification given on the i-Ball web site

  • 1.3GHz Dual Core Cortex A7 Processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB Built-in storage (Approx. 4GB of built in storage is used by OS and application files)
  • Dual SIM with 3G (WCDMA) for Video Calling
  • 17.65cm (6.95”) HD Display (1024*600)
  • Android™ 4.4 Kit Kat
  • 2.0 MP Rear Camera with Flash LED
  • Phone Calling Function with built-in earpiece receiver
  • FM Radio with Hands free
  • Bluetooth

If you are really keen about the camera quality of your tablet , this one is not for you . The primary camera is 2 MP and did not do justice to that resolution too and front camera is VGA just enough to recognize you over a skype call if you are in a well illuminated  room .

iBall 3G 6095-D20 -image 2


The tablet seems fast and responsive in stock condition. I did not over loaded with with tons of app for any benchmarking . I configured with with my business email , Kindle , Linkedin and I am ready to use it for my regular use .

iBall 3G 6095-D20 -image 3


The earphone that came along with the product is of great quality and works well when making calls from this voice tab. Overall my initial impressions about the product is positive and I will come with a detailed review after few weeks of use .

You can buy this product from your i-Ball supplier or on line from Amazon from the link below .


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    can you pleASE tell me antutu benchmark of this device

    Ishan Malik - Jan 08, 2015 | Reply

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