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is ello-invite.com worth the trouble ?

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If ello is so keen on invitation based account , then how come the sites like ello-invite.com works ?

if you get an official invitation , you have to match your email id with the invitation code for the option button to turn green , which is not the case with the invitation code received with sites like ello-invite.com , and did you noticed that a bot is your friend as part of this whole process?





ello account


It is high time the social networking world sit back and re think about the whole business strategy behind the new social media site ello
my points are :
1. why the .co domain is chosen even when the .com is registered for a long time . Are they aware that it will drive traffic to .com site and .co is a bad choice for any sites if the   .com domain is not owned by the same organization ?  , This point is already discussed in detail here
2. If they are not treating us as products and does not wish to introduce any product based plans in the future  , why is it that all the popular company names are not allowed as a handle ? so they are having some plans with the big names on a later stage ?
3. All these invitation generation sites that is active now can create account on ello with out exact matching of the email id of the users requesting activation?
Will it be too early to judge this new wave as a deliberate attempt from a spamming group rather than some nice guys with good intentions ?

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