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3 Answers

machine restarts after POST

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One of my systems was working fine. Win XP, intel celeron and mercury motherboard. It started to get restarting with XP showing normal shut down messages. Then we scanned with antivirus softwares and could get rid of the problem for at most 2 days. Again things move the same way. RAM is working fine. Now it even does not get to windows at all, just after the POST, it restarts and does not come up.

Pls any one has an answer to this problem?

anil tom

3 Answers

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    just try to get started in safe mode and remove ur lastly installed software.

    Tojy Mathew - Nov 30, -0001 | Reply

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    Please check your processor fan. also clean your RAM,

    Jomon Mathew - Nov 30, -0001 | Reply

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    Dear Anil tom,
    Disconnect all secondary storage modules[HDD, CDROM, FDD etc.]from mother board. Switch on the system. Wait for single beep. If things are going fine, allow it to work for 10 – 15 minutes. If restarting occurs before single beep, check on MB for any bulged capacitors and over heating components. Restarting problem may occur due to bulged filter capacitors at the secondary of SMPS or dust accumilation.

    If fine till,
    connect your secondary storages one by one, first power only and then data cable[especially HDD].

    Restarting will occur due to a damaged cooling fan.

    Varghese V Joseph - Nov 30, -0001 | Reply

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