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network and sharing problem

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Im not exactly sure how relevant this information is as windows xp is getting old.
In just sharing my experience.
A few hardware techies might have come across an issue where the network share and or printer share are lost intermittently. But on restarting the system, the problem seems to get resolved. The issue still pops up in a while.
Sometimes, even formatting the system wont do any good.

The problem is related to a worm known as Conficker which tries to exploit the renowned vulnerability in xp(ms08-067). Sometimes when the exploit fails at some point the main system process crashes and all the services including network services running under the process are shutdown.

Goto the following link and choose the appropriate patch for the os version. Apply the patch and restart.

1 Answers

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    Nice info

    shyam - May 31, 2016 | Reply

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