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who was the original owner of the domain  ” Facebook.com ” is one of the frequent questions I am getting on my phone and email. So just thought about posting it here so that I don’t have to  repeat .

As most of you are aware , the most famous social media in the world started their web site back in 2004 with an awkward name Thefacebook.com with a bracket on its logo  . You can find the look of the old web site here



Why they have to settle down to theFacebook.com was that the name Facebook.com was already registered back in 1997 even before the founders of the social media started their project .

So who was  the original owner of Facebook.com  domain name ?

It was originally  owned by an organization named  AboutFace which used the Facebook.com address  to market software that companies used to create employee directories  . They were ready to sell the domain name to Thefacebook.com  for $200,000 in cash . Originally the offer was the stock as the payment but they opted for the money . may be they  are repenting on their decision now considering the total value of the Facebook as a company .  So with the bracket removed and name perfected , Facebook.com was one of the best investment  for the company . it was done in August 2005

see the original Facebook page before it become our favorite social media


May be you are also aware that Facebook.com now also own the name fb.com which they acquired from  American Farm Bureau Federation which registered fb.org and fb.com for their non profit organization. They earned a whooping  $8.5 million  for this domain .





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