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Phone with e-Ink Display ( No .. it is not another article on Yota)

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The talks about yota phone is trending in online world and some of my friends are fascinated with the idea of a phone with dual display . The idea behind the phone is nice but the price tag of the phone which does not justify the technology does not make much sense to me .  More than 40,000 Indian rupees for a phone which also doubles as an e book reader ?   My kindle cost less than Rs.6,000 and most of the android smartphone below the Rs. 10,000 mark offer me decent performance , so why should I care about purchasing a dual headed device which is sensitive to scratches on both side

yota phone

So instead of going for yota phone , it make more sense to invest of a smart phone purely based on e-ink . Sure enough you will lack the fun of video and camera on such  a device , but for a serious user who dont want to waste the battery life on a power consuming LCD and the camera , I think it will be a best bet .

With an e-Ink display based phone , you can use it as a phone as well as an e-book reader and the battery will last for ever just like your good old nokia 1100.

It will help you make phone call, send message, get an e-mail easily everywhere, especially in outdoor, it avoid “black” screen under the sunshine.

onyx boox e eink phone -1

I am referring to   BOOX E Series    Model:E43 from ONYX  which cost less than Rs. 4,000 if you can bring it over from china , it offer you the best value for money product with both touch and front lit and less than 12o gm weight .

I ordered one for the review . Hope it will reach with in 10 days . I will do a detailed review of the same after a detailed test . einkphone




3 Answers

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    Where did you buy it from ? Waiting for that review 🙂

    Thomas Tgbx - Jun 05, 2014 | Reply

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    Waiting for that review Shyam! Especially want to know how it works with standard Android apps, general connectivity and call quality.

    Ajay Varma - Aug 18, 2014 | Reply

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    can I get this phone in India?

    Ramalinga Reddy K - May 22, 2015 | Reply

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