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3 Answers

problem with multiple rams

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hai friends,
I have a pc based on p4 2.66 & asus motherboard. I have two ddr rams one 256 and one 512 mb of 400 mhz. Both of them are working good and I didn’t felt any problem yet.

My one friend said me that even we had two rams, the pc accepts only one ram ie, either 256 or 512. The total memory size will be shown as 768 mb. But their is no improvement in performance of the system. Do anuone of you have any clear idea about this?. Please reply.

3 Answers

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    ur friend is not fully correct on it..if your machine shows full memeory and ur windows shows no glitches …it works..the reason you r not feelng any speed diff is only because u are not using any prgm to tap the full potential of it….it is like choosing two identical car model with one can do 500 kmph and another with 1000 kmph. i bet both will give you same result if u drive it on any roads on this planet…so the case ( almost ) with ur memory

    Shyamlal - Nov 30, -0001 | Reply

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    There is no problem in performance if both the memories are of same FSB, if there is a difference in FSB there may be a chance for windows conflict…… But if there is no windows error and windows shows full memory u will definetly get good performance..If still ur system is slow pls re-install the windows……..if so 100% you will feel the performance….if any error shows during installtion you can understand that one of the memories is not working fine………

    pls let me know the status

    VIPIN KUMAR.V - Nov 30, -0001 | Reply

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    If the rams are in different speed .the system only take the low speed of those rams.if u put 1 ram with speed 333mz
    and another is 400 the net speed of ur ram is only 333mz

    syamkumar k.s - Nov 30, -0001 | Reply

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