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What is ATA ?

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[b]What is ATA?[/b][/size]

ATA (AT Attachment) is the primary standard for connecting storage to PC’s.

ATA replaced earlier technologies such as MFM, RLL, and ESDI. ATA currently competes with SCSI.

ATA is a specification for attaching hard drives to the AT bus. The AT specification has been extended to include other storage, such as CD/DVD drives, tape drives, and Zip drives with the Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface (ATAPI) additions to the specification.

ATA is also known as IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics)

[b]Parallel ATA Cables[/b]
Parallel ATA cables originally had 40 wires.

With the introduction of ATA-5, parallel ATA cables with 80 wires became standard.

Only 40 wires are used to carry signals. The additional 40 wires exist to provide a ground wire for each signal wire.

These grounding wires enable the ATA subsystem to operate at higher speeds with greater reliability.

4 Answers

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    ADD these TOO:
    Serial ATA or SATA is the newest version of the ATA interface.
    it has only 7 wires instead of the normal 40 wires of PATA drives.
    Three of the wires are ground signals. The other 4 are two pairs of differential signals – one pair in each direction.
    They can provide faster data transfers.

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