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2 Answers

Windows 7 SVCHOST.exe using much more cpu and memory

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I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate. Found that svchost.exe and system idle process is utilizing much more cpu(60-90%) in idle mode. I disabled windows update and checked it. No changes happened. And I’m sure my computer is not infected by any virus or malwares. So what’s the problem with these process, and why it makes lagging to my system?

2 Answers

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    svchost.exe is not a virus , but there can be viruses or malware which named as svchost.exe , check for the services that has high utilization and restart them . How about disabling your Bluetooth service and iTunes if you have and try again

    shyam - Nov 14, 2013 | Reply

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      Thank you sir. I installed Malwarebytes and performed a quick scan. Got 18 malwares found in my system. Including some registry tweaks, and also the dangerous one QV06 etc. I just removed and now feeling safe. 🙂

      usama - Nov 15, 2013 | Reply

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