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Windows 8 OEM and COA

Purchased your new windows 8 laptop ? and wondering where Microsoft is hiding the CD-Key for your installation ?

hardware suppliers in local towns are going crazy about the lack of the  CD-KEY  printed on the Certificate of Authenticity ( COA)  . For those unfamiliar with the COA , it is the same sticker you will find on the back of your laptop if you purchased a laptop with original  microsoft operating system.

With the introduction of the Windows 8 operating system , Microsoft is making some serious changes to the way the OEM software are supplied to the hardware manufactures and the result is your new windows 8 preloaded laptop with no CD-Keys .

So for a normal hardware professional and customer , the confusing part is that where the cd-key is kept which has to be there when you purchase a legal software. Some one even removed the battery and opened the  hard disk compartment to find out if the key is kept there away from the prying eyes , but in vain .

This is the image of the new Sony vio laptop  with legal windows 8 pre loaded . For a normal customer or support engineer it will look like a product with out an operating system because no CD -Key is included here with

Windows 8 cd key

So the scary part is that what I have to do if my hard disk got damaged and I have to re install the operating system , where should I ask for the Cd-Key .

The good news is that you do not have to search for your cd keys anymore with the OEM products . they are included as part of the BIOS of your laptop as part of the manufacturing process. ie Microsoft performed a  good job in redesigning the OEM activation process with what they called OA 3.0

Ie Microsoft writes a unique cd-key in to BIOS of every PC in an encripted format that can not be read by a normal user when he opens the BIOS screen . So you do not have to worry about the activation keys when you change the  hard disk . Your system with take care of it . Bad news for you if you are a pirate .

The above facts are applicable for the windows 8 OEM that is  pre installed on your  branded laptps , The retail version will surly come with the normal way of product activation

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