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3 Answers

word on thin client

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is it possible to install word 2000 from network on thin client with only 34 MB free memory? how we can rsgister the *.dll files on thin client?

3 Answers

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    if you really mean thinclient …you can install.
    in a thin client environment the os and applications are centraly installed on the server machine and the keystroke and screen shots are extended to a thin client. so you dont have restrictions on installing any applications

    Shyamlal - Nov 30, -0001 | Reply

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    the problem is that on our work flow form we are using here , it requires MS WORD on local system. It doesn’t work through terminal Server. The minimum requirement for our application is IE6 and MS WORD. IE6 alreday have on thin client and I only need MS WORD more on thin client, so that I can use the Thin client without remote desktop connection and can save more network bandwidth. Because here we are using 64Kbps MPLS line for WAN connectivity.

    Jomon Mathew - Nov 30, -0001 | Reply

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    SAVAD.AM - Nov 30, -0001 | Reply

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